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Guarding Minds @ Work
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
135 Hunter Street East
Hamilton ON Canada L8N 1M5
Phone: 1-800-668-4284, 905-570-8094
Fax: 905-572-4500

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Navigating the GM@W Website

Welcome to the Guarding Minds @ Work (GM@W) Website! This document familiarizes you with the basic organization of the site. It will help you find your way around, so you can get started putting the valuable GM@W Resources to work for your organization.

Some of the material on the GM@W Website is accessible to everyone without signing up for the GM@W Dashboard – let’s call this the public information. Accessing the GM@W Online Survey and the resultant GM@W Reports, however, requires a quick, simple and free signup (as university researchers, we are interested in the organizations using these resources). Everything is easily accessible from the navigation bar - the boxes along the left side of each webpage on this website.

There are three main areas to familiarize yourself with (click on the expandable boxes below for more information):

  • GM@W Navigation Bar
  • GM@W Dashboard Signup
  • GM@W Dashboard
GM@W Navigation Bar

The links on the GM@W Navigation Bar are your portal to the GM@W public information. You can click there for important background material on GM@W.

The best place to begin is at these links:

These pages tell you exactly how the GM@W Resources can benefit your workplace and provide information that will help you build interest in implementing GM@W in your workplace – they explain how paying attention to psychological health and safety is not only good for a company’s employees, but also great for the financial bottom line.

Once you’ve explored the GM@W background material, we suggest that you click on How to Prepare to Implement GM@W on the GM@W Navigation Bar. This takes you to our walkthrough of the steps you need to take to be ready to implement GM@W at your workplace. Just click on the Start button and follow along to learn how to tailor implementing GM@W in your organization, so you can achieve the best results. There’s no need to complete any of these preparation steps now, but it’s a good idea to review them.

The GM@W Navigation Bar also provides access to all GM@W Documents & Resources and an FAQ list, as well as information on the GM@W Project Team and how to Contact Us.


GM@W Dashboard Signup

Once you’ve completed a quick signup, you’ll have access to all GM@W Resources, including the GM@W Online Survey and the resultant GM@W Reports, that make GM@W a one-of-a-kind benefit for Canadian workplaces.


The GM@W Dashboard Signup looks like this.

It should take you only a couple of minutes to sign up (your information is kept confidential and is only provided to the GM@W Project Team).

Sign up for the GM@W dashboard to access the GM@W Online Survey
GM@W Dashboard

Once you’ve signed up, you can login by clicking on GM@W Dashboard Login in the right corner of any webpage on this website. It takes you directly to the GM@W Dashboard Login page.

Once you are logged in you will be able to move back and forth between the public information and the GM@W Dashboard (by clicking on the GM@W logo in the left corner of the GM@W Dashboard and on Go to GM@W Dashboard in the right corner of any public information webpage on this website, respectively) without having to log in again. If you select Remember Me at the GM@W Dashboard Login you will remain logged in even if you restart your internet browser. If you have privacy concerns with remaining logged in, remember to log out when you are finished working inside the GM@W Dashboard (by clicking on Logout in the right corner of the GM@W Dashboard).

After logging in/returning to the GM@W Dashboard, you’ll be directed to the GM@W Dashboard Home page.

The Quick References menu on the right side of the page allows you immediate access to quick information on the GM@W Resources, as well as downloadable PDFs of these resources. You will find additional GM@W downloadable PDFs (including sample GM@W Reports) under the GM@W Documents & Resources tab of the GM@W Dashboard.

On the GM@W Dashboard Home page you are given the option to Create New GM@W Online Survey. However, before going ahead with creating your first GM@W Online Survey, be sure to review the How to Conduct a GM@W Online Survey Successfully document available just to the right.

Once you click on Create New GM@W Online Survey you will be walked through all the necessary steps of the GM@W Online Survey creation process with easy step by step instructions and you will be able to monitor your progress by looking at the GM@W Online Survey Creation Progress Legend on the right side of the page above the Quick References.

Once you activate your GM@W Online Survey it will appear in the Active GM@W Online Surveys section. There you will be able to monitor your GM@W Online Survey’s progress, print or save a copy of your GM@W Online Survey, enter data manually from GM@W Online Surveys completed by paper copy, change the end date of your GM@W Online Survey and close your GM@W Online Survey.

You will be able to manage your Active GM@W Online Surveys through the Manage GM@W Online Surveys tab of the GM@W Dashboard.

Your closed GM@W Online Surveys will appear in the Closed GM@W Online Surveys section and you will be able to select to generate GM@W Reports that will provide a visual summary of the GM@W Online Survey Results.

You can also edit the information about your organization departments and your personal and other organization information by clicking on Organization Departments and Edit My Info, respectively, in the top right corner of the GM@W Dashboard.


You are now ready to begin addressing psychological health and safety in your workplace with the GM@W Resources!

Sign up for the GM@W dashboard to access the GM@W Online Survey

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact: