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1. Identify Organizational Needs

It is important to determine your organization’s particular needs. This will help you build your business case, communicate with your staff (including senior management) and decide on appropriate action. In later stages, it will provide an indicator of whether implementing GM@W has been successful.

For more help at this stage go to, as well as see Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers at

Action Item: Write 3 reasons for implementing GM@W in your workplace.

2. Determine the Appropriate GM@W Assessment Resources to Use

Next, you must determine which GM@W Assessment Resources you will make use.

The possible options are:

GM@W Organizational Review only

This is suitable for your organization if...

  • Your organization has fewer than 25 employees
  • Your organization has recently conducted an employee survey
  • Organizational or procedural barriers make it difficult to carry out a survey at this time
GM@W Initial Scan only

This is suitable for your organization if...

  • You want a quick snapshot of Stress/Satisfaction and Mental Health Culture at your organization.
  • Your organization has recently conducted an employee survey that did not include any assessment of Stress/Satisfaction and Mental Health Culture at work and at this time you want only a general overview.
  • There are concerns about the cost, resources or logistics required to have employees complete the more comprehensive GM@W Survey.
GM@W Survey only

This is suitable for your organization if...

  • You or your organization lack the data or objectivity required to complete the GM@W Organizational Review accurately.
  • You have limited resources and can only invest in either the GM@W Organizational Review or the GM@W Survey.
  • You feel your needs would be best served by a comprehensive risk assessment from the employee perspective only.
GM@W Organizational Review + GM@W Initial Scan

This is suitable for your organization if...

  • Your goal is to undertake a psychosocial risk assessment that identifies whether there is a need for a more comprehensive GM@W Survey from the employee perspective
GM@W Recommends!
GM@W Organizational Review + GM@W Survey

This is the recommended approach. You may choose to conduct the GM@W Organizational Review and GM@W Survey if you are seeking a comprehensive psychosocial risk assessment that incorporates both employer and employee perspectives.

3. Identify Key Participants

It is vital to ensure that the appropriate people are involved and committed to implementing GM@W. It is important to have support at all levels within your organization (including senior management/leadership) to ensure a successful outcome.

Action Item: Identify who in the organization should be involved in implementing GM@W and the roles they will play.

For help with addressing concerns, identifying key messages and building buy-in go to, as well as see Psychological Health and Safety: An Action Guide for Employers at

4. Create a Communication Plan

Effective and regular communication with relevant staff throughout all stages of implementing GM@W is critical for increasing and enhancing engagement.

Methods for enhancing communication include:

  • Discussions of GM@W at staff meetings
  • Inclusion of information on GM@W in employee newsletters or bulletins. (e.g., the website – – can be provided for background information)
  • Provision of information on GM@W in e-blasts
  • Inclusion of brochures/handouts on GM@W with employee paycheques
  • ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions on psychological health and safety
  • Identification of a contact person(s) who can answer employee questions about GM@W
  • Sharing of important dates (e.g., launch of the GM@W Online Survey)

Action Item:
Create a communication plan to inform people in your organization about GM@W using these 3 statements:

  1. Why GM@W is being implemented
  2. Explanation of the GM@W components being implemented
  3. A commitment to share and act upon the results

You may use the Template Letter: Introducing GM@W

5. Sign up for the GM@W Dashboard

You are almost ready to implement GM@W! The final step is to sign up for your free GM@W Dashboard account to get full access to all GM@W Resources, including the GM@W Online Survey and the resultant GM@W Reports, that would allow you to successfully implement GM@W at your workplace.

The GM@W Dashboard Signup looks like this.

Screen Shot

It should take you only a couple of minutes to sign up (your information is kept confidential and is only provided to the GM@W Project Team).

The GM@W Dashboard allows you to administer GM@W Online Surveys and generate GM@W Reports that will provide a visual summary of the GM@W Online Survey Results.

The Quick References menu on the right side of the page allows you immediate access to quick information on the GM@W Resources, as well as downloadable PDFs of these Resources. You will find additional GM@W downloadable PDFs (including sample GM@W Reports) under the GM@W Documents & Resources tab of the GM@W Dashboard.

Screen Shot
GM@W Recommends!

Action Item:
Sign up for your free GM@W Dashboard account at